Never have
jet lag again.

Welcome to a world without jet lag.

FlyKitt is the first all-in-one system that’s guaranteed to prevent jet lag. The direct result of research with Navy SEALs and fighter pilots, FlyKitt can help you make the most of every trip.

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Feel energetic from the moment you land.


Banish afternoon exhaustion and restless evenings.


No more aches, pains, or constipation.

Trusted on Thousands of Flights by Top Organizations

The Problem

Jet lag is more than a few hours of missed sleep.

Air travel can take a serious toll on your body. Air pressure changes during flight cause an inflammatory response that impairs how you think, feel, and perform. Add in shifting time zones, and you’re in rough shape — and the further you fly, the more extreme the effects. Read our groundbreaking technical whitepaper on jet lag.

“70% of travelers said their mood worsened when suffering from jet lag & 52% said it caused behavioral changes.”


The Solution

Meet FlyKitt, the first system to stop jet lag before it starts - and to reduce its impacts if taken after you land.

Every second of your trip counts. By reducing inflammation and rapidly shifting your circadian rhythm, FlyKitt allows you to enjoy your vacation, reconnect with family or friends, or perform at your peak on a work trip. We guarantee it.

Explore FlyKitt’s components below.

What's Included

The power of personalized guidance with the convenience of an app.

With the FlyKitt app, you receive direct guidance that’s personalized to your itinerary. We combine years of research with AI insights to take the guesswork out of preventing and relieving jet lag.

Enter Info

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Meal & Sleep Timing

With FlyKitt’s app, you can eat and sleep on a schedule that’s precisely timed to eliminate jet lag given your destination and unique physiology.

Sequenced Supplements

Each FlyKitt contains dietary supplements that help limit inflammation, boost your energy, and adjust your circadian rhythm.

Protect Capsules

Advance Capsules

Mellow Capsules

Sustain Soft Gels

Circadian Drink Mix

Each FlyKitt contains circadian drink mixes that work to enhance your energy and support your shifting circadian rhythm.

Blue Light Filtering Glasses

With FlyKitt’s blue light glasses, you can control the amount and type of light that reaches your eyes to improve your sleep.

Thousands of flights.
Zero jet lag.

We used FlyKitt for international matches as well as coming into the World Cup. Great product and helped immensely helping both players and staff hit the ground running.

Darcy Norman

USA Soccer

Wow!! I’ve never not experienced jet lag coming back into Australia… until now.

Ronsley Vas

Founder, Must Amplify

I’ve done the CAN-CRK-TPE flights many, many times, and this time was absolutely the best I ever felt for those two legs. When we checked into the hotel at 3am, I felt great.

Susan Latvana

Commercial Airline Pilot

I just returned from a trip to the UK. The FlyKitt formula worked beautifully. I had zero jet lag on both ends.

Renee Wynn

Former CIO, NASA

Happy to report that on 1 hour of sleep and 6 hours of travel, I landed in Vegas feeling great.

Emily Fletcher

Founder, Ziva Meditation

FlyKitt is fabulous! I flew to Israel and back from Washington, DC, and had no jet lag whatsoever. Enjoyed every minute of my visit with my daughter there, and upon return had a full day of work the next day without any fatigue or concentration problems. Well worth the expense!

Dr. Bruce Kehr

Award Winning Psychiatrist

How to Use FlyKitt

Beat jet lag in five simple steps.


Order and receive your FlyKitt. Overnight shipping is available for last-minute trips or jet lag relief.


Use the FlyKitt app to enter your trip details and receive your customized travel plan.


Start your travel plan the morning of your trip. (For jet lag relief, start as soon as you receive your FlyKitt Rescue.)


Complete each step in your plan at the time indicated in the FlyKitt app.


Arrive at your destination feeling alive and ready to go, or feel better soon with FlyKitt Rescue.

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93% of travelers suffer from jet lag. Not you.

Planning a trip?


Everything you need for a round-trip, including:

– 2x personalized trip plans*
– 1x pair of light-filtering glasses
– 4x customized supplements
– 2x circadian shift drink mixes
– 1x premium carry case

*Currently available for iOS only

Currently battling jet lag?


Everything you need to fix your jet lag, including:

Overnight shipping*

– 1x personalized plan*
– 1x set of customized supplements
– 1x circadian shift drink mix
– Overnight shipping available**

*Currently available for iOS only

**Available in the continental US


Starting at $69

Is your next flight on the horizon? Order a FlyKitt refill and we’ll ship you two personalized trip plans, customized supplement packs, and circadian shift drink mixes. Choose from our core offering or athlete refills.

Athelete Add-on


Includes Firefly neuromuscular stimulator to 3x blood flow in your legs and professional grade infrared compression socks specially designed to work with Firefly. Sock sizing based on ankle circumference at widest point (inches): M = 8.5-9, L = 9.5-10, XL = 10.5-11.5.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are here for you to make sure you have the information you need to get started. Still have questions?

  1. Purchase a FlyKitt Starter Kit.

  2. Download the FlyKitt App.

  3. Once you receive it, activate your FlyKitt starter by scanning the QR code in the package.

  4. Enter your trip details into the app and follow along with the instructions in your plan.

Each FlyKitt Starter and Refill comes with two credits. Please scan the QR code inside with your Camera app, or click the flight credit icon in the top right of the home screen to enter the code into your FlyKitt app and activate your credits.

Please enter them as early as possible. You will always be able to update or cancel your trip within the app. Please ensure you look at your custom program before the day of travel, as it starts with a wake up time to optimize your trip.

Your FlyKitt program will begin the morning of your trip. Just remember to pack your FlyKitt and look to the app for to-the-minute instructions.

When you are on the plan detail screen in the FlyKitt App, you can click on the “Update Itinerary” button in the top right of your screen to change your flight information or cancel your itinerary. If you cancel, the app will return the credit you used so you can use it for your next flight.

Please reach out to, and we can get you access to a special vegan FlyKitt pack!

We will be building an Android version of the FlyKitt App later this year, but at present it’s only available for iOS. Our apologies for any inconvenience.

FlyKitt is formulated for individuals aged 18 and up.

Travel for business or plan business travel? Help the office arrive feeling alive with FlyKitt for Business.

FlyKitt Added To Cart! Interested in Extras?

Athlete Add-on


Includes Firefly neuromuscular stimulator to 3x blood flow in your legs and professional grade infrared compression socks specially designed to work with Firefly. Sock sizing based on ankle circumference at widest point (inches): M = 8.5-9, L = 9.5-10, XL = 10.5-11.5.

Choose your option:


Core: $69

Athlete: $109

All refills include two custom  plans, supplement packs, and circadian drink mixes. Athlete also includes Firefly neuromuscular stimulator.

Choose your option: